I am Jim Rice


I’ve served as QA, Performance Test Engineer, Front-end Developer, Test Automation Engineer, and Scrum Master. Currently, I’m a Product Owner, but I’d like to return to my roots and build.

So far all this experience has been under NetApp. I got my start on their E-Series SAN products, a tech “best kept secret” in an aerospace-heavy region. In recent years I’ve been focused on their SolidFire scale-out storage and HCI products.


I’m picking up the Go programming language. I have served as a moderator for our local dev group, and started their twice-yearly gamejam event in 2015. My oldest kids have asked me to help them learn how to make video games. Wish me luck!

When I need a break from screens, I’m usually building or flying a model airplane, or (hopefully) running at the local park. Occasionally I’ll mull over what to do with my backlog of hobby electronics supplies.


It’s good of you to drop by. Please feel free to reach out and share what you are working on via any of my linked social accounts, or directly via hitjim at <ubiquitous email starting in 'g'>.